Flying Club Contacts

Oregon State Flying Club Board of Directors

Position Member (email all) Phone
President Jerry Anderson 503-551-0662
Secretary Andrew Grenville 541-913-9870
Treasurer Scott Levitt 443-433-8155
Student President Andres Vega  
Student Vice-Pres Luke Brockman  
Student Secretary Madison Lerner
Student Treasurer Jack Woods 503-608-9730
Faculty Advisor John Schlipf 541-737-6962
Dir of Flight Ops Shauna Gutierrez 541-414-5333
Dir of Maintenance Bob Parrott 541-908-2143
Dir of Info Svcs Chris White 541-737-8178
Dir of Public Relations Vacant

Emergency Contact List

OSFC Authorized Flight Instructors

Online Aircraft Scheduling with Flight Circle

Corvallis Aero Service (FBO) - 541-753-4466

OSFC Mailing & Payment Address

Oregon State Flying Club
PO Box 1372
Corvallis, OR 97339