Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Flying club?

To join, fill out the Member Application then schedule a time to meet with board member Jerry Anderson to go over how the Club works, Club rules, pay the initiation fees which are different depending on on your elegibility... check the Joining & Rates page for details.

Is the Flying Club mainly for training or for flying activities?

Generally speaking, the Club is mostly for flying activities. We do have all-member meetings, Open Houses in the Fall & Spring, and we have some work parties to improve the aircraft and plane washes, but the main purpose of the Club is to provide inexpensive aircraft to our members.

Are the rental rates for engine hours or check-in/check-out times?

The rates are for engine hours. There is an oil pressure switch connected to and hour meter (called a Hobbs meter) that records engine run-time. The hourly rate is a "wet" price. In other words fuel is included in the price.

While out on a long flight, as the rental rate is "wet", what is the policy regarding fueling before returning to Corvallis?

We have credit cards for each plane that pilots can use to refuel. You may also use your own credit cards and be reimbursed for fuel.

What insurance does the club have?

The Club has insurance for its members and aircraft. Many of our pilots consider this coverage adequate. However, your personal situation may dictate additional liability coverage. It is also expected that one would carry full coverage medical insurance.

How much am I responsible for if I do damage to an aircraft?

You may be responsible for the Club's insurnace deductible of $2500. In other words, if you bend metal, you could owe the club as much as $2500.

What is the charge policy if someone wants to use an airplane to fly to Sunriver (for example) and spend the weekend? Total flying time would by only a few hours, but I might be tying the airplane up from a Friday night until late Sunday?

There is a minimum flight time of 2 hours for every overnight. If you were to go to Sunriver on Saturday and return on Sunday, you would be required to pay for a minimum of 2 hours of flight time. Since it takes about an hour each way, this scenario would not likely alter your flight time costs. Should you stay for 2 nights, you would be obligated for 4 hours. (Obviously, if you have to pay for the time you would want to fly it). The purpose of the minimum flight time is to prevent someone from flying to Albany and staying a week, (or other similar imbalance of flight time verses time of possession).

If I cannot fly for several months, do I have to pay the $44 per month dues?

There is an inactive status for the club. Dues are reduced to $20 per month. You can elect to go inactive at any time, but you must stay inactive for minimum of three months. When you want to fly again, just send notice to return to active status.

If I became an inactive member ($20 per month) would I still get a discount on renting airplanes?

Inactive members have full membership status except they can not fly (hence the term "inactive"). Inactive status is a way of lowering your dues when you will not be able to fly for several months.

Can I rent an airplane from the Club and be instructed by anyone?

No, members can only receive instruction from approved flight instructors.

I'm interested in joining the flying club and learning to fly. Is it expensive and should I take the written test before I start to fly?

Flying is expensive. Getting the written test completed does assure that when you have completed your flight training you are immediately ready for the final check ride. This avoids a lapse time while you stop to get the written completed. However, some instructors will argue that doing the ground training during flight training reinforces the concepts because you are able to put them into practice. Our advice is to complete the written test as soon as practical, then you can refer back to the information as you do your flight training. One needs to remember that the results of the written test are only valid for two years, so you must complete your training within two years of passing the written test or you'll have to retake the test.

Where can I get the training materials?

Books and supplies are available at Corvallis Aero Service (located at the Corvallis Airport), mail-order through various catalogs, or via the Internet.

OSU Flying Club Library - Books, Videos, and other media for checkout

Where is ground instruction available?

Many students buy the study materials and self study. There are also several computer programs that test your knowledge with the same format and questions as the actual FAA exam. The pilot package is a good system, but it does cost more than a hundred dollars. The lowest budget approach is to purchase only the essential books required to study the course. For the typical college student the written exam is not arduous.

How can I keep the flying hours (and therefore flying cost) low?

To minimize the cost of the flying portion of the training, save your money so that you have the funds available to do the flying on a regular schedule. It is much better to compress your flight training than to drag it out. Plan your time and funds to do at least 2 to 3 training sessions a week. Keep at it on a regular schedule. Lapses in training cause you to relearn what you already covered and that is expensive.

What is a realistic period to obtain a private pilot's license when working around a full-time student schedule?

The flights are typically a little over one hour of air time. There is also additional ground time for pre-flight check and sometimes pre-flight instruction or post flight debriefings. Counting travel to the airport you will use up at least 2-3 hours. Weekend work depends on your instructor. If you have a full weekly schedule, then sign up with an instructor that works on weekends. Weekend instruction can be rewarding because you are not rushed and can focus on the fun of flying. Assuming you take two lessons a week and do a weekend every other week (log about 12 hours per month), you should expect to complete your pilot's license in 4 to 5 months.

How and where can I get a FAA Medical Exam?

Go to the FAA's website to fill out the initial application and search for FAA medical examiners in your area: