Joining & Rates

The Oregon State Flying Club is a nonprofit organization committed to providing safe and inexpensive flying.

Membership Eligibility for OSFC, Inc.

Membership Eligibility in the Oregon State Flying Club falls into to one of three categories.

  • Category 1 is Current students (as defined in the OSFC Board Resolutions) of Oregon State University, Linn-Benton Community College, or Linn-Benton county high schools.
  • Category 2 is staff, faculty, retired employees, and alumni of Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College; spouses, domestic partners, parents and children of the aforementioned.
  • Category 3 is anyone not meeting Category 1 or 2 criteria.

How to Join

To join, fill out the Member Application then schedule a time to meet with board member Bob Parrott to go over how the Club works, Club rules and to complete the necessary paperwork.

What to bring to the meeting:

  • Proof-of-eligibility (class schedule, transcripts, staff ID, etc.)
  • Drivers License
  • Check or credit card for joining costs (outlined below)
  • FAA Certificates & Medical (if you are a current pilot)

Joining Costs: initation fee plus first month's dues.

  • Initiation fees: catagories outlined above
    • Category 1: $250
    • Category 2: $500
    • Category 3: $1000
  • $44 for first month's dues

Monthly Membership Dues

As a member there are monthly membership dues of $44 that cover fixed costs like insurance. If you do not plan on flying for a three month period or more during membership, this can be reduced to $20 per month by becoming an inactive member.

Club Aircraft

The Club currently owns three aircraft based at Corvallis Airport that are rented at operational cost.

  • 1976 Cessna 172M, 4 seat - instrument equipped
  • 1997 Cessna 172R Turbo Diesel, 4 seat - instrument equipped
  • 2005 Cessna 172SP, 4 seat - instrument equipped with G1000 glass panel

Club Aircraft Hourly (Hobbs) Rates

The rates below are wet including fuel up to $5/gallon. There is a surcharge for fuel over $5/gallon.

  • Cessna 172M: $130/hr
  • Cessna 172R: $150/hr
  • Cessna 172SP: $165/hr

Flight Instruction

As a member you can receive instruction in OSFC aircraft from the Club's approved flight instructors.