Bylaws, Resolutions, & Rules

The Bylaws, Resolutions, & Rules for the Oregon State Flying Club, Inc. were voted in by the membership and ratified by the Board of Directors on November 11th, 2003.

OSFC Bylaws (pdf)

The bylaws describe the membership, meeting formalities, structure of the board of directors, committees, and the officers.

OSFC Board Resolutions (pdf)

The resolutions go into detail about aircraft rates, rate increase rules, specific duties of the board members, plane captains, flight instructors, etc.

OSFC Rules for Flight Operations (pdf)

The rules go into detail about scheduling, proficiency requirements, flight safety, care of the aircraft, billing procedures, etc. that all members are expected to follow.

Student Flying Club at OSU Constitiution (pdf)

Constitution for the Student Flying Club at Oregon State University.

Accident Procedures (pdf)

The Club's accident procedures for board members.

Corvallis Airport Rules

Corvallis Airport Handbook (pdf)
Corvallis Airport Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities (pdf)